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January 07, 2009


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Great reminders - it's so true that when kids are allowed to cook, they will eat it! (thanks for that reminder especially)

Over the holiday break, I got tired of the "I'm hungry" in the middle of the afternoon which led to the begging for more sugar and other treats. So, I started putting out a platter of veggies/dip, fruit and peanut butter dip, or cheese cubes ~3:00 in the afternoon - just setting 1 of these items on the kitchen table and not even mentioning it. It works so well, I'm now going to try to do this during the weekends too. It's my signal not to even come and talk to me about "snacks".

Troy Reynolds

Neither of my kids like vegetables (big surprise). Rather than fight the battle several times a day, a few years ago I started giving them vegetable/fruit juice mixes. Of course, I later learned that there is a LOT of sugar in these juices (even if they are 100% juice). I had stopped giving them juice altogether until I recently came across a brand called First Juice that is 50% less sugar than other juices without being diluted with water. They have really cool flavors too like blueberry + purple carrot.

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